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Omega 10086 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush – Small


Made in Italy

Pure Bristle Shaving Brush

The Omega 10086 is a small form factor shaving brush, making it ideal for travelling. Made from 100% Pure Boar Bristle and is available in two colours.

Bristle vs Badger

Traditionally, shaving brushes were usually made from badger hair. These days there are now a wider variety of bristles to choose from. Most shaving brushes today are made from the hair of boars, horses and badgers, or from synthetic fibres.

We find Badger Bristles to be softer than Boar Bristle.

Caring for your shaving brush

Don’t boil the brush as it has already been sterilised. Lather lightly without too much pressure. After use, rinse the brush thoroughly and remove excess moisture. Leave in the open to dry with the Bristles facing down.

About Omega

Omega was founded in 1931, with the main business concerned with the manufacturing of bristle but progressively it was replaced by the production of shaving and painting brushes. Omega‘s high quality production is due to their great experience in manufacturing and to their careful selection of raw materials. To learn more, visit the official website at

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