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Shaving Mug by Comoy


Shaving Mug by Comoy – go old school!

Shave like a boss with this traditional ceramic shaving mug. Use with shaving cream or shaving soap. Simple and easy to use.


  • Fill spout with very hot water
  • Place your shaving brush in the spout
  • Allow to soak
  • Use brush with your preferred shaving cream/soap and lather

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Shaving mugs became popular in the mid-19th century when shaving with a straight razor became more common. They were designed to hold soap and keep the lather warm, making it easier to shave. Shaving mugs were typically made of ceramic or porcelain and were decorated with intricate designs or personalized with the owner’s name or initials.

Shaving mugs were also popular gifts for men, and some were even given as prizes at carnivals and fairs. By the early 20th century, the popularity of safety razors and shaving creams reduced the demand for shaving mugs, and they became less common. However, shaving mugs are still appreciated by collectors today for their unique designs and historical significance.


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