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Clubman Pinaud Finest Powder 255g


Made in USA

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Clubman – Grooming Generations for over 200 years


Dry and Fresh Powder

Looking for a way to stay cool, calm, and collected? The Clubman Finest Powder White is just what you need. A modern twist on a nostalgic barbershop formula that’s specially designed to keep you feeling dry, fresh, and confident all day long. The perfect finishing touch to your grooming routine!

Safe and Effective Ingredients

Clubman believes in using only the best, safest, most effective ingredients. That’s why this Men’s body powder features a natural formulation containing a blend of Corn Starch, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin and other beneficial elements. It absorbs moisture and soothes irritation instantly. It’s talc-free and vegan-friendly!

Soothing Skin Protection

When you’re out there on your daily grind, the last thing you want is to feel bogged down by sweat and odour. That’s where Clubman Finest Powder White comes in. It’s your ultimate defence against your exposure to the elements. Always come out swinging with strength and confidence!

Grooming Kit Must-Have

Every man deserves to look, feel, and smell good. Clubman Finest Powder White is perfect for the barbershop, home, for athletes, and everyday guys who want to always be in their best. Whether you’re hitting the gym, crunching numbers at the office, or going fishing for the weekend, this specialised fresh powder should be an indispensable part of your grooming kit.


Barbers: Sprinkle some powder onto your neck brush. The powder will help to remove unwanted hair from clients neck and face area.
General Use: Sprinkle directly from the bottle onto areas which need moisture absorption or apply to hands and place where heat and moisture are a problem.


Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin, Fragrance (Parfum), Benzyl Salicylate, Citronellol, Hydroxycitronellal, Geraniol, Linalool, Red 27 (CI 45410).


With over 200 years of grooming experience, Clubman Pinaud has been celebrated for producing quality grooming products since its foundation in the early 19th century. They strive to help men smell, look and feel their best.

The brand’s legacy originated in the early 1800’s with Edouard Pinaud, a famous fragrancier from Paris. Pinaud opened a specialty store, which sold luxury fragrances for men and women.

As well as shaving soaps, creams, and dozens of other beauty and grooming products, Pinaud’s specialties included Eau de Quinine, a fragrance for hair, as well as the Lilac Vegetal, an After Shave with a crisp, masculine fragrance, still popular today.

The iconic green Clubman Pinaud packaging still graces barber’s stations and bathroom counters alike. Men have been using the products for generations, while the younger users are turning to the product for trusted grooming solutions with the sense of nostalgia, proving quality never goes out of style.

Made in USA.

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