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reVITE Taper (Grey) – our first impressions

Andis reVITE Clipper - Taper Blade version

To be honest we were starting to get worried…a few YouTube creators gave some pretty harsh reviews about this clipper. We are happy to report we didn’t experience any of the issues.

Form – we found the clipper comfortable to hold and a good weight. Ideally we would have preferred a different colour, but that’s personal preference.

Noise – the clippers sound very similar to the US Pro Li range and we didn’t find them overly noisy.

Blades – the blades are very similar to the Master Cordless Taper blades, and we love them. They were also set pretty close from the factory. We have seen some people zero gapping them but we were happy to keep the factory gap. The ability to take the entire blade system off makes cleaning so easy.

Guards – Each clipper comes with a full set of guards – and we mean full! There’s 2.5 and a 3.5 guard in the set! Also to note, if you have a set of the single magnetic Purple guards, they will fit this clipper.

Power – they’re not as powerful as the Masters, but they were never meant to be. As the motor is a new design it’s hard to compare to existing clippers. So far we have had no issues but need to road test them further.

Overall verdict – we actually like these clippers a lot! Will definitely have these in our regular clipper rotation for sure. We’re looking forward to using them a lot more over the next few weeks until the Black Fade version arrives.