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Nitrile Gloves Black (Extra-Large)


Made in China

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Elevate Your Craft with Nitrile Gloves for Barbering and Hairdressing

Discover the perfect hand protection for barbers and hairdressers. These medical-grade Black Nitrile Gloves (Extra-Large) are comfortable and offer both safety and style within the barbering and hairdressing industries. 100 Gloves per box.

Nitrile Gloves are an essential accessory for many barbers and hairdressers who prioritise both safety and style. These black Nitrile gloves (extra-large) are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the barbering and hairdressing industries, providing unparalleled hand protection without compromising on your professional appearance.


  • Anti-bacterial formulation
  • Durable & tear resistant
  • Liquid proof
  • 100 gloves
  • Black
  • Extra-Large

Storage Recommendations

Store in a cool, dry place. Don’t store Nitrile Gloves in temperatures above 40ºC. Do not store in areas with high humidity or dampness.

Nitrile gloves are a popular choice for hand protection due to their exceptional durability and resistance against punctures, tears, and chemicals. These gloves offer a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring optimal dexterity and tactile sensitivity. Whether in healthcare, automotive, or industrial settings, nitrile gloves provide reliable barrier protection, making them a must-have for various industries and tasks.


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