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Kissei Cutting Comb 18cm


Made in Japan

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Made in Japan by Leader Comb

Kissei cutting combs are a range of special combs Made in Osaka, Japan.

Made from a special material that’s also used in the medical industry, this cutting comb can resist temperatures up to 220 degrees. This prevents the likelihood of damage to the teeth while combing (friction can increase the temperature on the teeth).

Special Teeth for a Special Cutting Comb

Kissei cutting combs feature teeth equipped with grooves in order to penetrate the hair easily. These grooves help the comb to glide easily without catching and pulling hair.

Kissei cutting combs are designed with the Hairdresser or Barber in mind. They are flat enough to enable a close cut, making them an ideal cutting comb for scissor-over-comb. Kissei cutting combs will make your work easier and faster.


  • 100% Made in Japan
  • Measures 18cm
  • Surgery-grade plastic which can resist temperatures up to 220 degrees
  • Features teeth with grooves in order to easily penetrate the hair

Available in three varieties:
Wine, 18cm
Blue, 22cm
White, 22cm

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