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Brosh Super Hard Gel 200g

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Brosh Super Hard Gel – Made in Japan

Brosh Super Hard Gel has been meticulously developed to provide a firm, lasting hold. It has a high viscosity, with an attractive slightly matte finish. While it keeps your hairstyle the whole day, it can be easily washed off when showering. With the same luxurious aroma as the BROSH ORIGINAL POMADE and the BASE SPRAY, the scent won’t interfere when mixing products. Enjoy a new experience with this super hard gel.

Take an appropriate amount of Brosh Super Hard Gel and distribute evenly in your hands. Apply to dry or lightly damp hair. Use fingers, brush or a comb to set your style.


In Japan, the art of barbering passes from master to student like the ancient arts that stands still with time. Modern Barbering appeared in traditional post war Japan as an alien American culture, accessible to only a few misfit outcasts. Brosh is the inspiration of two legendary Japanese barbering houses, The Brothers Cut Club and Master Apache.

Brosh is an expression of a guarded tradition and a new freedom grounded in the core of a deeply ancestral culture. Their quality speaks with the perfection and excellence of this modern but ancient art.
“We are Brosh, we are the modern tradition.”

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