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New! The Andis reVITE Cordless Clipper

Andis reVITE Clipper - Fade Blade version

The latest clippers from ANDIS USA are arriving in November! The reVITE Clipper has 2 models to choose from: A Fade Blade version (Black housing) and a Taper Blade version (Grey housing). What’s unique about these clippers are the blades. The entire blade mechanism has been made to snap on and off easily with no tools required. Fade and Taper Blades are interchangeable between models. Blade swaps and cleaning just got a whole lot easier. The Fade Blade adjusts from 00000-000 and the Taper Blade adjusts from 000-1. NEW TECHNOLOGY The reVITE Clipper comes with an all-new rotary motor with a ball bearing drive system, with rubber mount and gasket design to reduce vibration and noise. NEW FEATURES Updated geometry and tooth patterns on both the Fade and Taper blades. Each clipper comes with a complete set of premium metal guards. The Black Fade Clipper has an aluminium lower housing whilst the Grey Taper Clipper has an ultra-light composite lower housing. Available to order now with delivery as soon as we receive stock.

Purchase the replacement Taper Blade for the new Andis reVITE when you purchase the Andis reVITE Fade Clipper and receive 10% off each item plus free shipping.

Andis reVITE Cordless Clipper (Fade Blade, Black)

Andis replacement Taper Blade for reVITE Clippers